Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Post : Prologue.

Like Gran Turismo 5, this post has a prologue. Unlike GT5, This post will come out within two years of the prologue (Should be completed in a week or so).

the task at hand is to re-watch all six of Ring of Honor's Toronto area shows and rank the cards and matches in order of quality and "it factor".

I will be reviewing:
Northern Navigation (Toronto - 7/25/08)
Bound By Hate (Markham - 11/8/08)
Double Feature II - "Tag Title Classic" only (Markham - 4/18/09)
Death Before Dishonor VII Night One (Toronto - 7/24/09)
Death Before Dishonor VII Night Two (Toronto - 7/25/09)
The Omega Effect (Mississauga - 11/14/09)

The only omissions will be the matches left off of "Tag Title Hunt" as this DVD release was a "Double Feature" combined with a Montreal Show from the night before.

Here goes nothing...

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